Saturday, February 23, 2008

Mega Priest

Final image from Chris Phillip's Candleman is Mega Priest. It was meant to look a million times better than this with the Vatican behind him and rain and everything that makes pictures drawn by Frank Miller so amazing. Unfortunately the original turned out really awful because I'm not Mr Miller.

A last minute save and you can kind of get the gist of the image. Drawing this way did help me learn a bit about how to draw clothing but I think I prefer drawing a simpler style of noir than this.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Candlewax on, candlewax off.

Here's my attempt at drawing Chris Phillip's (who you can find in the links section) excellent Candleman and his mentor Mega Priest with a bit of a Karate Kid thing going on. I actually wanted to get Mega Priest looking like he's fed up and walking away in a huff, but ended up with him apparently moon-walking.

Anyway, makes a change from microbots!

Friday, February 15, 2008

M is for Microbots

The final letter in the alphabet of DAM is M and it means robots in miniature. And so Deadly Alien Microbots is finally born! Woohoo! This final image in the trilogy of posters represents the final watershed in my decision to draw the comic. Now I can start working on the actual comic book, which will be drawn entirely in this extreme black and white silhouette style.

This also happens to be my 50th post. I never imagined I would still be blogging after 7 months, or that it would reignite my passion for drawing and comic books but life is full of surprises.

Here's to another 7 months!..

Saturday, February 9, 2008

A is for Alien

The second letter in the alphabet of DAM is A and it means a whole lot of alien goodness! Yes, our hapless group are not of this planet and neither are the snaky-eyed cybernetic things chasing them.

So we have Deadly Alien M...

What does M stand for? Any guesses? I can tell you this, it's probably not what you think and there's an incredibly subtle clue in this picture, which is more of an in-joke really...

See you next time!