Sunday, March 23, 2008


Yet more delays in between posts, mainly because I've been hard at work drawing my comic. I've done 6 pages of a short short, and hopefully will be able to show you some of it soon...

Anyway, here's a frankenstein hunchback type guy I just doodled, who is in no way a self portrait of myself. And thanks for all the comments. Keep them coming as there isn't any better motivation than to know some people are enjoying your work!


Ken said...

I love this guy! He does bear a slight resemblance to your avatar though.... :D

Awesome dino pic below too!

robi pena said...

Hi :-)!! Very good personage, I like it jeeejeeee!! Cheers!

Unknown said...

it's no portrait of YOU but you've unwittingly managed to draw a portrait of ME - right now to the fan shaped hands i use to art with. ;-)

hehe, J/k

nice drawing man