Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Yay for me, I'm back!

Crunch-time is pretty much over and as the world eagerly awaits another brilliant game full of piñatas and candy (sweets to those of us the other side of the pond), I finally have a bit more time to devote to my personal creative projects.

I've got back to drawing my comic - 6 pages to go and then maybe I'll start posting some pages up - but meanwhile here's a melancholic piece showing a slightly - though not very - futuristic city encroaching upon nature... or it's just an excuse for me to learn how to draw different types of buildings.

As usual, it's 99% done with ink and paper, because I'm a bit of a purist really (I don't like all this new-fangled fancy tech) so excuse the roughness of it all.



robi pena said...

Hey Charles :-))) how are you my friend?!!
Amazing work's!!! And your colored «Go steam racer, Go!» I love it!!!
Yes I've been pretty busy uffff ... I think I need some hollidays :-))!! Perhaps, some at the beach ... yuhuiiii!!
See you soon my friend, cheers!!