Monday, November 10, 2008

Fubar page 3

Page 3 of Fubar and it looks like the Deadly Alien Microbots are at each others' throats while they hide out from the ominous slimy looking thing lurking behind the big door.



Crips Pink said...

Love this stuff Chuck, awesome use of BnW, KEEPIDUP!

Ken said...

haha your nuts man. Well, your comics are. thats why I like them :D


Ive tagged you... mwuhuhuhu!

its a little blogosphere game - passed on from blogger to blogger... the rules are on my blog....

btw do you say tagged or tigged?

I say tigged!

bog_art said...

Great work my friend!.. the b/w backgrounds has been applied in the right way!..

robi pena said...

Hey Charles :-)!! Superbe works as always my friend!! So now you’ve been “tagged” my friend ;-) this time are you on my seleccion hiihii, sorry! Come to my blog and read what it’s about, ok? Thank's and see you soon!! Cheers ^^

Peter Breese said...

Great stuff! I like that the big guy is bothered by the fighting :).