Friday, December 26, 2008

Fubar - cover sketch

Firstly, happy Boxing Day everybody! Hope Christmas was loads of fun.

I finally finished all the pages of the first issue of Deadly Alien Microbots. Woohoo! Fully inked, scanned and cleaned up until I decide they need more work.

Unfortunately, now I need to start thinking about a cover (Urngghh!) so here is a sketchy first attempt with Fooba's looming tendrills approaching the hapless trio of microscopic robots. I really don't know much about comic book cover design so I tried to get all the elements of the comic in without revealing too much (i.e. what Fooba looks like). I imagine the whole thing to be mostly silhouette-esque black and white with the red of the blood providing a nice backdrop. I might make the heroes' stances a bit stronger, especially Ballistik.

So, is this any good? It's DAM hard (pun intended, hehe!) to come up with something eye-catching for all the peeps who have no idea what they'll be letting themselves in for if they ever pick up a copy. Being such a noob, I've got my work cut out...

-- UPDATE --

I've considered saving the window opening into a view of blood cells for a later issue's cover (yes, I am planning on this being a long running thing, if people choose to buy it, of course!), so I hastily drew some alternative ideas with some colour. This is all very rough, I might add!

I'm favouring the last one with all the characters in white, though I'll probably make the robots nice and metallic looking. But the first one with the bloodied background does seem to give off the unintentional image of a Western, which is also quite cool. Decisions, decisions...

Please let me know what you all think. Which one catches your eye the most?
Which would make you part with your pennies/dollars/euros...? :)

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Fubar page 6

Page 6 of Fubar and the Deadly Alien Microbots are reunited with an old acquaintance.

I've been real busy recently and have got the pencils for this comic all the way up to page 20! Just another 5 to go, followed by inking it all, and chapter 1 of this epic is finished. Can't wait!