Sunday, November 29, 2009

The colour of charity.

I've been toying with the idea of doing my, up till now completely black-and-white, comic in full colour. Here is a test I did for the cover of chapter 4. Yes, I can't believe that I've survived this long but chapter 3 is a third of the way through and number 4 is looming scarily closer. Anyway, regular readers will recognise some familiarity in the image but may also be miffed over why it looks so different to the DAMbots. You'll need to read the comic to find out...

In related news, I'm finally getting around to printing the comic. I've ordered my proof of Issue 1 of DAM, collecting chapter 1 and the Blood and Gorebot mini-episode in lovely hi-definition, and made the decision that I'll not make a single penny (or cent now that I'm in Canada) from the sales. Not only will it be at a super low price but I'll be donating all profits I make from it to a Leukemia charity, which hopefully should come to about 70c per copy. If this proves successful then I'll do the same for all future issues of DAM.

I'll let you folks now about it further down the line, but as always any feedback on the art or my unusual benevolence, or even just to say 'hi' is always welcome.