Sunday, December 16, 2007

A Twofer

I got a bit slack on posting due to playing Assassin's Creed over the weekend and starting to enjoy the game until I got to the meh ending. Meh indeed!

Anyway, two piccies here.

The first is one of the robots from the snowglobe in the previous post. This guy's called Ballistik, and I've revamped him a little since my initial drawing. Above him is an idea I had for the logo. Might simplify it as it doesn't really work well embossed.

Below are some drawings I did of girls all without any reference, trying to put to use all I'm slowly learning about drawing peeps. Excuse the awful quality as I need to get a scanner. And I didn't intend to draw a ballet dancer, it was just my first attempt at drawing a gal kicking, which didn't work so I drew it again, but this time Buffy style!

Oh yeah, and there are some guns too for practice.

Anyway, not an amazing post but balanced out by the fact that I included two piccies for one.

Hopefully something better next time...