Thursday, December 3, 2009

Sneak peek # 2

Here's a sneak peek of a panel from the first colour issue of Deadly Alien Microbots, which will be posted onto the website early in the new year. It was hard to choose a panel to show without giving away much of the story.

Anyway, I hope you like as it took ages and ages to paint - well, the whole page anyway. I can tell that this idea I had of doing the comic in colour is going to end in tears...

So, is my radical departure from black and white a good thing? A bad thing? Meh??


Ken said...

Dude keep pushing!!! I like it.

A good thing? A bad thing? Hmmm, Im not sure. I do like your black and white style, but the colour thing is lookin good too... I guess it depends on the story. Do whats best for the story!

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