Saturday, August 4, 2007

There's Something About Knights

No poetry or stories today. Instead I've drawn this little picture.
I dub thee: An attempt to draw something vaguely human and do something with shading.
This actually started out as an attempt to draw the knight from my dragon poem close-up, given that he looked a bit lame in my first attempt, but when I finally drew the outline I decided it would look better with a few dead bodies lying around to make him seem, you know, even tougher!
Anyway, all done on computer because I make no claim to being an artist and don't have anything other than lined paper and an HB pencil at hand. Still, I think it's a pretty decent attempt and it almost looks professional. I don't know what kind of sword he's holding, but it's a bit puny, and his shield looks like it's made from cardboard. I guess even knights can't afford all the best gear! I still wouldn't mess with him, though.
I'll do my best to update this blog a bit more frequently with whatever I can come up with. Promise!..