Saturday, February 23, 2008

Mega Priest

Final image from Chris Phillip's Candleman is Mega Priest. It was meant to look a million times better than this with the Vatican behind him and rain and everything that makes pictures drawn by Frank Miller so amazing. Unfortunately the original turned out really awful because I'm not Mr Miller.

A last minute save and you can kind of get the gist of the image. Drawing this way did help me learn a bit about how to draw clothing but I think I prefer drawing a simpler style of noir than this.


Anonymous said...

As soon as I saw this I thought "Miller".

I have to admit to have never though about trying this in this style as, silly as it sounds, the sheer amount of black confuses me as to how or where to even start with an image.

Crips Pink said...

wow. blazing away with the golden guns of god (TM AND C) ACE

bog_art said...

It is great you are usign other styles to develop your skills.. keep it up!!..

robi pena said...

Hey Charles!! It's spectacular who you paint your illustrations, only in two colors!! bravo!! Thanks!