Wednesday, January 28, 2009

An experiment


I managed to borrow a Wacom tablet to see whether it's worth getting one and here's the results after a couple of hours fiddling around with it. Bear in mind that I've never even drawn an ox before and had to figure out that pose from my imagination. So, long story short I think that it's well worth me buying one. If only because it'll mean I'll be able to post stuff here more frequently!

Anyway, I talked about drawing one in my last post and now I've drawn one, so that's another thing to tick off my list. It's not quite my style of drawing, though. I always find animals quite tricky to draw so end up trying to make them too realistic when I much prefer drawing things cartoony and simplistic. Well, plenty to work on till the next time.


Mirella said...

cool bull!

bog_art said...

You should get a Wacom!.. you will find it is a powerful tool!.. great bull!..

PS: I really like your Red all Over piece!..

PS2: Ceviche is a typical plate here in my country.. if you have the chance and don't have anything against the seafood, try it!..

robi pena said...

WOW superbe Illustration!!! Love it and yes of course you must buying a wakom :-) beautiful ox!! Cheers

bog_art said...

Hey Charles!.. the underwater scene is from Galápagos.. a place full of wildlife!.. cheers and don't forget to post!..

Peter Breese said...

I am a huge fan of the Wacom, you'll get used to it over time. Nice Bull!